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John Jardine's Background

John Jardine is a master pistolsmith who (since 1965) has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for simply outstanding work. Firearms produced by Jardine's Custom are heirloom quality pieces of work. Made to be functional and reliable yet with attention to beauty and the fit and finish that customers expect in a truly custom-made firearm.

John Jardine has a unique background with 1911s and gunsmithing in general.

John grew up on a ranch where guns were a tool used on a daily basis. John was an avid hunter and competitive shooter and was always looking for ways to improve the accuracy and reliability of those firearms which he was entrusted. At a very young age John would take old rusted out firearms that he found or was given and put them back into working order. As John grew older family influence would begin to play a part in the career path he would choose...

Simply put, John comes from a family background in firearms. John's uncle is the legendary gunsmith Armand Swensen - a truly renowned man who is well known for his contributions to the 1911 pistolsmithing community.

As John was growing up he availed himself of the unique opportunity to spend time apprenticing with his Uncle Armand learning the finer points of the 1911 pistol, its design, and how to improve and customize this famous firearm. This is where John received his initial tutelage in pistolsmithing 1911 and 1911A1 style handguns.

The passion of gunsmithing ingrained in John eventually turned into a second job and then finally evolved into being his full time chosen career.

Not only has John Jardine made a career of pistolsmithing, tuning, customizing, and repair he is also one of the very few 1911 pistolsmiths who has designed and manufactured a production 1911 from the ground up from his own specifications. John Jardine was responsible for and is still closely tied to the Valtro USA project where his design drawings, CAD work, and specific 1911 improvements were designed into a production manufacturing process for a factory built 1911 pistol.

This background gives Jardine a unique perspective of the 1911 handgun design that few others have.

More About The Valtro USA Project

Part of the reason that John Jardine completely understands the manufacturing processes and workings of the 1911 is because of his intimate association with the Valtro USA. This project produces and continues to bring to market a semi-custom 1911 model pistol. John was intimately involved in all aspects of the project having not only implemented the processes of manufacture but also having designed the fixtures and tooling necessary for producing a brand new 1911 handgun. John also did the destructive process testing which gives him a unique perspective on not only what can go wrong with a 1911 handgun but the metallurgy and heat treatment processes involved.

During John's long career as a 1911 pistolsmith he made note of each item, part, or procedure that he found to be beneficial to a 1911 style handgun. As the years passed he added these new procedures or design ideas to his custom pistols and has enjoyed critical acclaim from his customers, peers, and the gun media. Later he would incorporate many of these custom design features and improvements into the Valtro 1998A1 a near-custom .45 of the 1911 design.

Please click here to visit the Valtro USA website and learn even more about this fantastic Near-Custom 1911 handgun.

John Jardine's extensive background with 1911 pistols is evident to every customer he builds a custom pistol for.

About The Jardine's Custom Product

Firearms produced by Jardine's Custom are heirloom quality pieces of work. Made to be functional and reliable yet with attention to beauty and the fit and finish that customers expect in a truly custom-made firearm.

Please see the section on Custom 1911 Pistols for more information.



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