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Photographs Testimonials


Jardine's Custom specializes in the 1911 and 1911A1 style handgun. Pistols produced by Jardine's custom are highly reliable, accurate, and beautiful pieces of work tuned to be extremely accurate and reliable pieces of work.

The enjoyment of owning a Jardine's Custom pistol is evident in the performance of an EXTREMELY reliable and accurate pistol where every part is truly hand fitted to perfection. This makes for a fit and finish that is second to none.

Pride of ownership is a hallmark evident in most of our customers. The pride of ownership which is evident in those who have purchased a Jardines Custom 1911 is shown in the feedback that they give both to John Jardine and to others who they come in contact with. Word of mouth and the fact that Jardine has never had to advertise are testament to the satisfaction of every customer. Jardine's customers appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, the time taken to do it right, and the steadfastness Jardine displays in standing behind all of his work with a lifetime warranty.

In doing this site and in examining the guns offered by Jardine's Custom we noted that the abundance of special unique features which are built into every aspect of his guns is impossible to fully and totally explain in a forum such as this. We note that almost every part of each weapon has some form or other of special fitting, customization or unique feature which makes complete sense when it is examined and thoroughly thought out.

Because of his pride in his work and attention to detail Jardine's Custom handguns have been sought by special forces, law enforcement, competitive shooters, instructors, collectors, and dignitaries throughout the world.

You may see several photographic examples of our custom 1911 work on our custom handguns photography page. Please also note that on each of these pages there are more details about the kinds and types of work John does on the 1911 style handguns he produces.



custom full on hard chrome 1911


1911 handgun


two tone 1911 pistol


highly customized 1911 and knife

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showcasing many more photos of each.

Firearms produced by Jardine's Custom are heirloom quality pieces of work. Made to be functional and reliable yet with attention to beauty and the fit and finish that customers expect in a truly custom-made firearm.


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