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June 1, 2003 -
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Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to the new Jardine's Custom Website! We have been busy putting this site together for you over the last several months and we hope that you will find exactly what you are looking for on these pages.

We have set this portion of the website aside to place news articles and post announcements about the company or anything else that John Jardine decides is relevant. To the right here is also a listing of each page on the site or a sitemap for those of you who may find yourselves looking for something in particular.

In fact we have our first announcements:

John wants to express his appreciation to the folks at Memorable Places Consulting for their patience, devoted work, and efforts in getting this site online.


June 1, 2003 -
New Firearm Lubricant Available From Jardine's Custom

Got Grease? Jardine's ExtremeWe are proud to announce the availability of a new synthetic-based grease designed to protect and stop wear, corrosion and galling in all types of semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms. Jardine's Extreme Firearm Lubricant will protect against corrosion and wear in plastic, aluminum, stainless and regular steel framed firearms. It has a wide operating range which allows for use in all types of climates. Jardine's Extreme is non-volatile and will not separate or drain off parts. [Please click here for more information]


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