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Welcome to Valtro USA

Welcome to the Valtro USA Website! We are pleased that you have stopped by and are very proud to be able to introduce our company. Few firearms enthusiasts in the United States have heard about Valtro... YET.

Valtro USA has a bold goal. We intend to change the handgun market by raising the the bar for premium quality firearms at a reasonable prices so high that anything less than a Valtro quality handgun will be seen as substandard!

Valtro USA is led by none other than custom handgun maker John Jardine - a master pistolsmith who (since 1965) has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for simply outstanding work. Mr. Jardine has put heart and soul into the Valtro USA project, particularly the design and manufacture of the Model 1998A1 .45 ACP.

Valtro firearms are precision made for security and sporting purposes at our plant located in Valtompia Valley Italy which has been famous for firearm production since the 15th century. Valtro USA carries and distributes only the cream of the Valtro crop including shotguns and the venerable Model 1998A1 .45 ACP handgun which is based on the proven John Browning 1911A1 design.

Valtro shotguns are world famous for their use by police and military services.

Valtro Handguns are gorgeous pieces of work that are not only pleasing to the eyes and hands but supremely accurate, durable, and tightly machined examples of the highest quality production firearms.

Valtro USA is the sister company of Valtro Stocchetta SRL of Italy. However, Valtro USA is not simply a distributor of foreign made firearms.

As Mike Miller of Tactical Intervention Specialists puts it "It is rare to find someone that puts making the best before making a profit in any industry." Valtro USA President John Jardine's dream was to design and build a "perfect production pistol" using extremely high grade materials, components, and parts so that the Valtro product would eclipse that produced by all other 1911 manufacturers and indeed a number of custom makers. We at Valtro believe that he has accomplished his dream.

Mr. Jardine's design has been an ongoing project which has taken years to accomplish. During John's long career as a pistolsmith he made note of each item, part, or procedure that he found to be beneficial to a 1911 style handgun. As the years passed he added these new procedures or design ideas to his 'ultimate' design and eventually he was ready to mass produce his dream pistol and began to look for a suitable manufacturer.

During the course of his normal business John had been contracted by Valtro Stocchetta of Italy as a consultant helping them to improve the quality and reliability of their firearms. One thing led to another and a deal was struck for Valtro to produce the pistol Jardine had always dreamed of making. Mr. Jardine retained control of the manufacturing process making numerous trips to Italy checking on the materials, tolerances, quality control issues, and manufacturing practices in detail.

Valtro USA Also Sells A New Firearm Lubricant!

Valtro USA is proud to offer Jardine's Extreme Superior Grade Weapons Grease!

Jardine's Extreme is a synthetic-based grease designed to protect and stop wear, corrosion and galling in all types of semiautomatic and fully automatic firearms.

Jardine's Extreme will protect against corrosion and wear in plastic, aluminum, stainless and regular steel framed firearms. It has a wide operating range which allows for use in all types of climates. Jardine's Extreme is nonvolatile and will not separate or drain off parts.

This is a great 1911 Lubricant and is superior for semiautomatic and full auto firearms.

Please click here for details!

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At Valtro USA we are very proud of our products and service. We truly believe that your satisfaction will be higher with our products than with any other production firearm you have ever purchased.

Thank you for visiting us online and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require further information. Dealer inquiries as well as customer and consumer inquiries are always welcome at Valtro USA.

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