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Valtro currently offers one handgun. The 1998A1 .45 ACP. We also offer our customers the option of having numerous custom enhancements. Please see our Custom Enhancements Page for details.

The 1998A1 .45 ACP

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The 1998A1 .45 ACP pistol is patterned after the legendary Colt 1911A1. The 1998A1 is a 'near custom' production handgun that has as standard features the "extras" that only custom makers put on their pistols. The 1998A1 is a gorgeous piece of work which is not only pleasing to the eyes and hands but supremely accurate, durable, and is a tightly machined example of the highest quality production firearms.

The 1998A1 is the product of many years of work by Master Pistolsmith John Jardine of Jardine's Custom. His vision was to create a handgun of the finest materials that would have the performance, look and feel of a custom gun right out of the box.

Mr. Jardine's design has been an ongoing project which has taken years to accomplish. During John's long career as a pistolsmith he made note of each item, part, or procedure that he found to be beneficial to a 1911 style handgun. As the years passed he added these new procedures or design ideas to his 'ultimate' design and eventually he was ready to mass produce his dream pistol and began to look for a suitable manufacturer.

During the course of his normal business John had been contracted by Valtro Stocchetta of Italy as a consultant helping them to improve the quality and reliability of their firearms. One thing led to another and a deal was struck for Valtro to produce the pistol Jardine had always dreamed of making. Mr. Jardine retained control of the manufacturing process making numerous trips to Italy checking on the materials, tolerances, quality control issues, and manufacturing practices in detail.

The 1998A1 has gotten SUPERB reviews in print media.

The reviewer of this pistol for Soldier Of Fortune Magazine disclosed in the August 2001 issue that he has switched to carrying a Valtro both on and off duty a step he said was not taken lightly as he had started with a 1911 in his holster 20 years ago.

The writers over at Gun Tests magazine had similar praise. In their Article titled "Full-Size Fighting 1911s: Valtro Beats Wilsonís CQB" they made numerous statements about the Valtro which included praise like "High Standardís G-Man and Springfieldís TRP are okay, in our opinion, but the Italian gun offers more bang for the buck. " and "The gun had all the accuracy you could want, and an outstanding trigger". Keep in mind Gun Tests magazine accepts no advertising and buys all of their test guns.

Other experts in the field love the Valtro 1998A1 too.

As Mike Miller of Tactical Intervention Specialists puts it "It is rare to find someone that puts making the best before making a profit in any industry. Valtro USA President John Jardine's dream was to design and build a 'perfect production pistol' using extremely high grade materials, components, and parts so that the Valtro product would eclipse that produced by all other 1911 manufacturers and indeed a number of custom makers."

We at Valtro believe that John Jardine has accomplished his dream.

The 1998A1 .45 ACP


General Specifications

Near Custom Manufacturing

Special Options Available:


For those of you who would like to see more images and some up-close shots of the 1998A1 Please Click Here to gain access to our 1998A1 Photo Gallery!

Please also have a look at the Owners Manual and the Visual Field Stripping Guide for the 1998A1. There are more images in the Visual Field Stripping Guide.

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